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Privacy Policy.
Last updated on: 30th September, 2021.
Our Privacy Policy (as below) describes how Kickflow will manage end user's personal information which we collect as a result of your use of our portal Kickflow is committed to ensuring that the personal information we collect about you is protected and is used, stored and disclosed in accordance with the Privacy Act and this Privacy Policy.
Collected Information
Information collected directly from an individual:
  1. Username of the OAuth provider account.
  2. Individual's name, email address, location, profile picture & account creation date associated to the provider account.
  3. Invidual's Tezos wallet address (public address) during whitelisting.
  4. Individual's contributions, sponsorships & created projects.
Information collected about a project:
  1. Project's title, description, twitter handle, open source repo.
  2. Project's Tezos wallet address (public address).
  3. All contributions made to the projects.
  4. Entries to a funding round and withdrawals.
Automatically collected information:
The Log Data is implicitly collected through hosting provider. Log Data may include information such as a user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, device and browser type, operating system, the pages or features of our Site to which a user browsed and the time spent on those pages or features, the frequency with which the Site is used by a user, search terms, the links on our Site that a user clicked on or used, and other statistics.
Information We NEVER Collect
We never ask you for your Tezos private keys or seed phrase. If a Kickflow entity is asking for your private keys/seed phrase, it is guaranteed to be a scammer.
Usage of Information
The information collected is used for the following purpose(s):
  1. To provide the crowdfunding service.
  2. To provide new features and improve user experience.
  3. To communicated with you, through provided email.
  4. Fraud and scam prevention.
Management & Security
We follow all the industry standards and we take relevant steps to keep your data secured. Your data is not shared or sold to any third party whatsoever.
Information that is public on the portal or blockchain:
  1. The projects created by a user.
  2. The contributions made by a user (or received by a project)
  3. All the information associated to a project.
  4. Set of whitelisted address (open on the Whitelist registry smart contract)
Information Deletion
All users have the rights to delete their entire account.
When you delete your account:
  1. Your contributions show up with the alias 'Deleted Account' and no other associated info.
  2. Your projects continue to be on our server, but with the INACTIVE* status.
When you delete your project:
  1. Your project is stored with an INACTIVE* status and is not shown on the portal.
*the INACTIVE status will be used in the future to keep a record of the projects in a funding round.
Modification Rights
Kickflow may review, change and update this Privacy Policy to reflect the current practices and obligations. You should review this privacy policy regularly and remain familiar with its terms.

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